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Mark your calendars and we will be with you soon.

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Mark your calendars and we will be with you soon.

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Create Your Games

Write Your Game Idea

Tell us your game idea and Creative Games will make all the preparations for you

Create Maps

Don't know what kind of map you want? Type a few commands and we will design it for you

Create Characters

Create high-resolution in-game characters in seconds

Design Playgrounds

You only need to write down the playgrounds you dream of. Creative Codes will complete the rest of the process for you

Create Items

Create items that match your characters' abilities and style

Identify Rewards

Create your private prize pools for the winners of timeless battles

About Project

Creative Codes is a game builder AI built to create the games you dream of. It uses the GameFi structure to create more dynamic content for game creators.
Players who pass maps and levels in the created games continue to develop and earn points from the missions you set in the game. With the points earned, they can contribute to their in-game development or exchange them for the AICREA token of the Creative Codes project. .
In this way, you will create an environment where they can have a pleasant time playing the game while at the same time establishing a structure where they can earn money.


Stages I (Q1 2023 - Q3 2023 )

Project Development and Beta Versioning

In this phase, the Creative Codes team starts refining the project idea, developing the first beta version and identifying the target audience of the project. The goal is to build the foundation of the project and gather feedback from early users and stakeholders.

Stages II (Q4 2023 - Q1 2024 )

Feedback Collection

To complete the development process of the Creative Codes platform by receiving feedback from beta users and make final adjustments to implement the first steps of the project.

Stages III ( Q2 2024 )

Performance Monitoring

In this phase, we will monitor the servers on which the project is running and the experience of the users to ensure that they get the best performance. Our primary goal will be to ensure that our users use a smooth platform.

Stage IV ( Q3 2024 )

Community and Partnership Structure

In this phase, the goal is to create a platform for users and other game developers to build a close-knit community of cooperation. In this way, a better development can be made by exchanging ideas between users, and joint projects that developers can also take part in will be published.

Stage V ( Q4 2024 )

Project Launch

We will start a brand new beginning with the developed platform and beta version users.
We will launch the platform and start marketing activities.



I have the idea, I also work as a developer


Project Manager

I am in charge of the project, I manage the whole process



I am a developer. But this is a side of me 🙂



Did someone say design? I design everything you see.